Marketing Professional Visits House Island

Brandy House Island Image 1 Brandy Mills, a marketing professional for L.L. Bean recently visited House Island. Here is what she had to say!

To say I was blown away by my first visit to House Island would be an unfair understatement. Pictures do not do the property justice. Every corner we turned in each house was like opening a surprising new treasure. The houses are inviting and evoke a sense of relaxation the minute you are welcomed through the door. Each one seems carefully designed to set the mind at ease as a place of reflection, peace, and happiness – from the comfy lounge areas, to the quiet front porch, to the meditation gardens, and the sprawling yards.

> I was fascinated by the rich history of the island – both to American and Maine history throughout the years. From being a military fort to immigrant processing to a family owned island to its future state – House Island will continue to be an integral part of Maine’s island community for centuries to come. I’m looking forward to the stories people will tell their children of their adventures at such a beautiful place.

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